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Facts about triplets

The Association of Finnish Triplet Families gathers data of finnish triplets

The figures on this page are picked from our member survey.

Duration of gestation

There is a wide variation in duration of triplet pregnancies. Among our member families the range was between 24 and 39 weeks. That is more than three months. All the triplets were born premature.

Birth weight

Because the duration of gestation varies widely, the birth weight must also vary.The smallest triplet baby in our survey weighted 545 g and the biggest weighted 3210 g.The average weight among girls is 1637 g and among boys it is 1875 g.

Time in hospital

The babies spend much longer time in hospital than their mother does. Often the babies are in NICU their first days. Usually the babies are hospitalized until they weight ~2000 grams.


The most usual combination in triplets is two girls and a boy. The least usual combination is three boys. There can be two or three identical babies within triplets.